Modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure with solutions to succeed now, and optimize with a roadmap for the future.

Public Sector IT Modernization Practice

Chameleon leads the charge for your agency’s legacy system retirement projects, and we’ll manage the data center modernization and consolidation efforts that are necessary with any retirement and upgrade program.

Our team will assist the large-scale data migrations to the cloud and help optimize data structures for the future state.

Our suite of services results in end-to-end delivery to fulfill the President’s Management Agenda calling for IT modernization within the public sector.

Private Sector IT Modernization Services

Commercial organizations are constantly looking for ways to innovate their organization to improve efficiency and effectiveness, to gain market share or to develop new products and services. To do so, capitalizing on the ever-changing IT landscape is a prevalent topic in today’s commercial IT organizations. Yet many companies find it daunting to evaluate which technologies will best help achieve their business goals.

Whether your organization is planning a migration to the cloud, transformation to a new ERP, or moving off the mainframe—a careful system assessment, detailed planning (task, time, budget) and a knowledgeable Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) are essential elements to success.

Chameleon’s IT Modernization Practice Includes

Legacy Systems Retirement and Migration

We identify areas for optimization, prioritize based on value and/or obsolescence, and provide a modernization roadmap for legacy systems. Our focus is on reducing our clients’ IT costs, eliminating redundancies, complying with Federal regulations, e-Discovery requirements, and reducing system risk. We assist with bringing our customers’ pasts into the future.

  • Porting of Legacy Systems
  • Rewriting Systems Programs
  • Update Software Libraries/Documentation
  • Retiring Legacy Systems

Data Center Modernization

We develop a plan based on your mission and organizational needs. We begin with process optimization, looking for opportunities to increase efficiencies, optimize processes, and increase performance by reducing complexity and redundancy. We look at how to achieve savings, and design a solution to leverage innovative technologies, such as Hyper-converged and Hybrid Cloud. We then implement the plan, creating safer data, better processing speeds, and greater access to mission critical systems. We work to migrate your systems using tools like IBM InfoSphere, Microsoft SQL, Oracle Data Service Integrator, Informatica PowerCenter, Centerprise Data Integrator, and others.

  • Mainframes & Servers
  • Storage & Databases
  • Software Defined Data Centers
  • Business Process Migration

Software Defined Networks (SDN)

We work closely with our strategic partners to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for software defined networks, from points of integration to the network layer and capabilities. We provide our clients’ networks with more flexibility, a more scalable IT environment, and leverage the benefits of cloud and application virtualization.

  • Configuration Control
  • Improved Network Performance
  • Wholistic Network Management

Storage Solutions & Data Management

We will help you meet your data services goals by transitioning from legacy architectures to a comprehensive storage solution with optimized cost structures and improved efficiency while optimizing scalability to meet future needs.

Cloud Migration

We provide the experience and strategic partnerships to provide you with a strategy, assessment and roadmap for cloud migration, management and optimization.

Database Administration & Architecture Development

We have the deep technological experience, expertise and broad certifications that allow us to improve and optimize your current database management operations. Providing our clients, a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO), while tuning and architecting for maximum performance, security and flexibility.

Data Integrity Remediation

We will work with you and your team to create a plan to assess, map and correct any data integrity issues.

IT Solutions Engineering & Architecture

Our Enterprise Architecture services will help you plan an agile technology architecture assessment and strategy, helping future proof your system as you accomplish today’s mission objectives. Our clients benefit from more predictable, optimized and agile IT systems at a lower cost while providing a foundational platform capable of handling new innovations and addressing future vulnerabilities.

Chameleon’s IT Modernization White Papers

Chameleon White Paper: Mainframe vs Cloud: Don’t Judge a Platform by Its Name

Issue 1: Mainframe vs Cloud: Don’t Judge a Platform by Its Name


IT Modernization is a prevalent topic in today’s organizations, yet most are challenged when it comes to clearly understanding the complexity and cost.

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Chameleon White Paper: Proactive Problem Prevention Transforming Service Management

Issue 2: Proactive Problem Prevention Transforming Service Management


What if we could see the entire network in a complete real-time picture, to identify and correct impending problems?

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Chameleon White Paper: Service and Help Desk Automation Streamlines Performance, Reallocates IT Resources

Issue 3: Service and Help Desk Automation Streamlines Performance, Reallocates IT Resources


An organization contemplating automated technologies may initially be deterred. However, when properly applied, the efficiencies of automated technology provide opportunity.

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Practice Areas

Chameleon IS Advisory Practice Area


Implement process improvement, optimize people, resources, and budgets, and manage programs on a long-term basis.

Chameleon IS Cloud Services Practice Area

Cloud Services

Approach each requirement with the concept that Cloud solutions can be designed, deployed, and managed with elasticity in mind.

Chameleon IS Cybersecurity Practice Area


Ensure safety and security on networks, in storage solutions, in application development and with personnel.

Service Desk

Service Desk

Handle helpdesk and other IT support services allowing customers to focus on their core mission.

CIS Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Optimize core system implementations for insurance carriers focusing on the most complex and manual areas.

Chameleon IT Modernization Practice Area

IT Modernization

Modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure with solutions to succeed now, and optimize with a roadmap for the future.

Chameleon IS Managed Services Practice Area

Managed Services

Recruit and deploy highly qualified candidates who have the right skills for the job – including secret and top-secret clearances.

Chameleon IS Network Engineering Practice Area

Network Engineering

Install, manage, and support safe and effective networks at scale to build strong systems and defenses with critical infrastructure.