Updated infrastructure reduces risk and optimizes performance. Quality, efficiency, and security start here.

IT Modernization

Quality, Efficiency, and Security Start Here

Adaptable Framework: IT Modernization

Updated Infrastructure Reduces Risk and Optimizes Performance

Chameleon offers a complete suite of services designed to modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure. We can provide you with a team of experts to test your IT security defenses and prepare a management plan for corrective action to address any issues. We can lead the charge in legacy system retirement projects and manage data center modernization and consolidation efforts. We can assist with large scale data migrations to the cloud, and help you optimize your data structures. In short, we can provide end-to-end IT modernization solutions that put you in a position to succeed now and optimize for the future.

Chameleon’s IT Modernization White Papers

IT Modernization and Optimization

Information Assurance Management (Cybersecurity)

We research and apply the latest security hardening techniques, continually scan for vulnerabilities, and proactively address emerging threats. We can provide ethical hacking and penetration testing to pinpoint areas requiring attention, and provide the necessary steps to secure and lock any open doors.

  • Secure Patching
  • Configurations
  • Active Directory Hardening
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Red Team Drills

Legacy Systems Retirement and Migration

We identify areas for optimization, prioritize based on value and/or obsolescence, and provide a modernization roadmap for legacy systems. Our focus is on reducing our client’s IT costs, eliminating redundancies, complying with Federal regulations, e-Discovery requirements, and reducing system risk.

Data Center Modernization

We develop a plan based on your mission and organizational needs. We begin with process optimization, looking for opportunities to increase efficiencies, optimize processes, and increase performance by reducing complexity and redundancy. We look at how to achieve savings, and design a solution to leverage innovative technologies, such as Hyper-converged and Hybrid Cloud. We then implement the plan, creating safer data, better processing speeds, and greater access to mission critical systems.

  • Mainframes & Servers
  • Storage & Databases
  • Software Defined Data Centers

Software Defined Networks

We work closely with our strategic partners to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for software defined networks, from points of integration to the network layer and capabilities. We provide our clients’ networks with more flexibility, a more scalable IT environment, and leverage the benefits of cloud and application virtualization.

Storage Solutions & Data Management

We will help you meet your data services goals by transitioning from legacy architectures to a comprehensive storage solution with optimized cost structures and improved efficiency while optimizing scalability to meet future needs.

Cloud Migration

We provide the experience and strategic partnerships to provide you with a strategy, assessment and roadmap for cloud migration, management and optimization.

Database Administration & Architecture Development

We have deep technological experience, expertise and broad certifications that allow us to improve and optimize your current database management operations. Providing our clients a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO), while tuning and architecting for maximum performance, security and flexibility.

Data Integrity Remediation

We will work with you and your team to create a plan to assess, map and correct any data integrity issues.

IT Solutions Engineering & Architecture

Our Enterprise Architecture services will help you plan an agile technology architecture assessment and strategy, helping future proof your system as you accomplish today’s mission objectives. Our clients benefit from more predictable, optimized and agile IT systems at a lower cost while providing a foundational platform capable of handling new innovations and addressing future vulnerabilities.

System Accreditation Architecture Development