Digital transformation centers on empowering people and engaging with customers using cloud-based technologies and tools. Starting with a vision of the goals to be achieved, build a plan to successfully integrate systems and data to develop solutions and capture opportunities.


Chameleon Integrated Services unleashed the business potential of a growing construction contractor by migrating underperforming technology into an easy-to-use cloud-based system that streamlines processes, allows for mobile construction site computing, provides a cohesive strategic dashboard view for company executives and improves fiscal performance.

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Chameleon Construction Industry IT Solutions

Enterprise Technology, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Services

The to-do list of any CIO presents a compelling story. It’s a menu of investment analysis and decisions, budget juggling, and systems wrangling. And those are just table stakes. It also calls for line of business partnering, innovation planning, and helping the entire enterprise capture data to support meaningful executive decisions. It’s a job that gets easier with the right partners, tools and plans to execute your vision in a meaningful way. On-time. In budget.

Chameleon is particularly well suited to work in complex, regulatory intense environments. We have the insight and know-how to work with and manage multiple partners in large scope circumstances where efficiency and transparency are required. As a certified minority business with 15+ years in working for the US Federal Government, we can partner with you in meeting your minority offset vendor service requirements, ensuring that you have a trusted partner with a proven performance record.

We will meet your needs for IT consulting and services to plan, define, and engage in projects requiring IT modernization, cloud services or cybersecurity services, help solve your infrastructure management challenges, and assist with business process optimization.

Application Development and Data Integration

We offer a complete suite of services, and we build cybersecurity into everything we do.

Digital Transformation
  • System analysis, definition of technology goals, and architecture design
  • Project plan
  • Custom software application and API development
  • Data integration via API or third-party apps
  • Data Analysis and Insights
  • Database design and development
  • Cloud services, including Azure and AWS
Incident Response
  • Predictive and Preventive Analytics Implementation
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Mapping
  • Network Configuration Mapping and Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Shell and Layered Defenses
  • Risk Assessment Performance
  • Cyber Framework Construction (On-Premise or Cloud)
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • Managed Network Services
Information Assurance
  • Secure Patching
  • Active Directory Hardening
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Red Team Drills

Solution: Salesforce CRM Custom Integrations

Chameleon IS Salesforce Integration Solutions

Our application development team has in-depth experience working with Salesforce CRM and building integrations to other software systems. We understand the Salesforce architecture, and we are experts at app development, database design and development, cloud systems, and data integration with APIs and third-party tools. Contact us to discuss your Salesforce system integration requirements, and one of our solution consultants will walk you through our process.

Salesforce services delivered:
  • Project plan
  • Custom development and data integration
  • Process flows within Salesforce for Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts.
  • User and Administrator training
  • Ongoing support

Viewpoint Construction Software Solution Provider

Chameleon IS Viewpoint Solution Provider

Our application development team has years of experience working with Viewpoint software, building enhanced apps that connect with Viewpoint and perform specific tasks including a comprehensive job esimating suite and interactive management dashboards for reporting and analysis. Over thousands of hours, we’ve learned the ins and outs of designing and building solutions with Viewpoint to answer the needs for customized business processes needed in the construction industry.

“Are We Safe?”

There’s a reason why cybersecurity is a top focus in businesses. Locking the doors and windows is no longer sufficient. Robust, layered approaches are required to mitigate the increasingly sophisticated attacks by today’s cyber-criminals and bad actors. The question your users, employees, and stakeholders have the right to ask is “are we safe”? In order to answer that question with thoughtful confidence, you have to know the state of your cybersecurity readiness, have a plan for attack and recovery, and manage your network with vigilance at all times.

Our team can help plan and manage incident response, perform thorough program and risk analysis, and provide risk management framework design and implementation. You can trust us to meet the challenge because we’ve got a proven performance record – having successfully worked on some of our country’s most challenging cybersecurity problems in some of the most complex environments.

Ready to Move to the Cloud?

The user experience is a focal point of the industry. Secure, efficient interactions with customers, employees, and stakeholders are at the heart of building and keeping trust and loyalty – while reducing risk, lowering operational costs, and improving quality and performance across the board. The bar gets raised every day at this point, with user and stakeholder expectations at an all-time high level, and continuing to climb.

Whether you’re looking at moving to a private, hybrid, or commercial cloud (or even if you haven’t gotten that far), our team will analyze your circumstance, provide recommendations, generate a scope of work and services and then execute on that plan to get your organization converted, while maintaining high performance, compliance, and quality requirements.


Chameleon Case Study: Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Custom Development and Integration


Chameleon brought its successful Salesforce implementation experience and knowledge of the construction industry to bear in order to design and deploy a fully functioning Salesforce Application utilizing data integration with ViewPoint and custom Job Estimating software.

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Practice Areas

Chameleon IS Advisory Practice Area

Implement process improvement, optimize people, resources, and budgets, and manage programs on a long-term basis.

Chameleon IS Cloud Services Practice Area

Approach each requirement with the concept that Cloud solutions can be designed, deployed, and managed with elasticity in mind.

Chameleon IS Cybersecurity Practice Area

Ensure safety and security on networks, in storage solutions, in application development and with personnel.

Chameleon IT Modernization Practice Area

Modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure with solutions to succeed now, and optimize with a roadmap for the future.

Chameleon IS Managed Services Practice Area

Recruit and deploy highly qualified candidates who have the right skills for the job – including secret and top-secret clearances.

Chameleon IS Network Engineering Practice Area

Install, manage, and support safe and effective networks at scale to build strong systems and defenses with critical infrastructure.