Our Advisory Services are designed to help facilitate improved processes, optimization of people, resources, and budgets, and managing programs and projects on an on-going basis.


Measure Twice, Cut Once. Every Successful Project Starts With a Clear Vision.

Strategic Advisory Services

Chart A Course To Prosperity

At Chameleon, we value the time invested in making a plan. We begin by analyzing the situation, utilizing experience and benchmarking in our discovery process. We want to clearly understand the goals, objectives and desired outcomes for your Mission. We assemble the team of experts and partners, and quantify the measurement tools used to guide our journey. We look deeply at the whole picture, applying our broad technical expertise in endeavoring to understand the interplay of connected environmental factors that might affect your success metrics, and prepare a plan to execute against those items.

Our strategic advisory services are designed to help you plan for the future, lead, and transform your IT organization’s IT mission-critical needs. Using design thinking, and iterative solution building, we can help identify answers to complex problems by working quickly through initial requirements, creating prototypes, integrating user feedback, and arriving at the specifications set that will meet the project objectives. The user experience is at the heart of this process: understanding user requirements, routines and established protocols, and collaboratively working together to establish new ways of getting the work done with better results.

Advisory ServicesProcess OptimizationMaturity Path DiagramFull Program and Project Management

Transformational Outcomes – Managed Daily

Our Advisory Services are designed to help facilitate improved processes, optimization of people, resources, and budgets, and managing programs and projects on an on-going basis.

Advisory Services Include

  • IT Strategy Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Risk Assessment
    • Risk Management Framework (RMF) Design & Implementation
    • Program & Risk Management
  • Cost & IT Optimization and Efficiencies Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • IT Asset Management Planning
  • IT Solutions Engineering & Architecture Development

Using Solutions and Technology for the Heavy Lifting

Part of Innovation is Optimization – reassessing what works, what does’t, and what needs to happen to get the job done. Work and process flows are foundational to the way an organization works, and at some point, those process flows were created because they made the most sense, used the resources available most efficiently, and created the best outcome. Digital Transformation has challenged us to not only reconsider the tools and work flows in place, it fundamentally asks us to consider the entire business process to ensure that it is meeting the needs of current demands and placing the organization in an optimal position to meet the future. This applies to people, processes and materials. In the context of IT, it includes workflows, systems, hardware, data storage and business intelligence.

Chameleon provides guidance to organizations in their quest towards innovation and digital transformation by using a 5 phase Business Model Maturity path. After assessing the organization’s goals and current circumstance, it will look at where the organization is at present and decide which phase is the appropriate starting point. A key trigger in this initial assessment is to look at where operational inefficiencies exist and where the team is/has become aware of of them.

Chameleon then engages to create and align the process model, and combines optimization techniques with automation across the enterprise to ensure goal-driven processes and enterprise valuation control. The goal is to create an Agile business structure that supports and drives innovation, creates a workflow that is aligned with the business model needs, increases efficiencies and lower costs.

Chameleon Integrated Services maturity path diagram

Experienced Hands On Deck, Providing Guidance and Successful Outcomes

“We’ll Handle It – All of It” – is music to any executive’s ears, particularly when it really is handled and the outcomes meet, or exceed, expectations. Chameleon is an experienced program and project manager focused on quality and excellence. Our teams are built to meet your specific needs, with credentialed personnel who are mission ready and professionally qualified.

We were awarded our first contract with DISA in 2005, and in 2015 we earned over $90M in DISA DESS task orders as a prime under the DISANet award providing IT modernization and cybersecurity initiatives required by the DISA Chief Information Officer to operate, maintain, modernize and secure DISA’s Global IT Enterprise. We understand the commitment, knowledge and skill it takes to define a large-scale a scope of work, allocate and deploy resources and talent, and execute with precision.

Quality Focused

As part of our commitment to contracting and customer success management, we have achieved the following certifications and accreditations:

  • Project Management Instituted Certifications (Program Management)
  • Defense Contract Audit Agency Approved (Financial and Accounting Aystems)
  • Department Of Labor approved (Recruiting Processes)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Quality Program managed by Quality Assurance Manager)
  • ANAB Accredited (Management Systems certification body)
  • Defense Security Service approved at the Top Secret level and managed by full-time FSO (Security program)
  • Association of Proposal Managment Professionals Certified (Proposal Management Processes)

Your mission is always our focus. We strive for successful outcomes everyday by careful and thorough task management and reporting.

Disaster Recovery and Continuous Operations

Building in fail-over capabilities. Preparing for the worst case scenario. Chameleon takes an objective and comprehensive approach to planning for disaster recovery and facilitating continuous operations. In conjunction with our strategic and service partners, we begin by creating potential scenarios, identifying impacted assets, personnel and systems, formulating strategies and plans that will provide the highest level of Service Level Agreements and uptime while reducing overall costs.

Help Desk / Service Desk Optimization (Tier I-IV)

Chameleon has been staffing and managing help and service desks for over 10 years. That time has given us an in-depth level of expertise and on-the-ground awareness of what works and what doesn’t. Our teams can quickly and efficiently optimize your help and service desk policies, procedures and personnel, ensuring an enhanced user experience and efficient operations.