Chameleon cloud services: adaptable, elastic frameworks driving innovation and connectivity.

Cloud Services

Adaptable, Elastic Frameworks Driving Innovation and Connectivity

Cloud Services

The need for immediate response, on demand data, and robust integrated systems require significant horsepower and fail-over technologies. Government and business mission-critical systems, sensitive and secure data, and the need to reduce infrastructure expenditures all point to the cloud. Whether the requirement is for a private cloud, hybrid or commercial cloud, Chameleon can assist your team in developing a strategy and plan that ensures a successful migration.

Performance Success Measurement: Chameleon created 4,000 assessments of 900+ controls used to support the Department of Defense’s first ever cloud accreditation

Chameleon cloud services can include the following:

  • Advisory Services: Cloud & Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network Engineering

Advisory Services: Cloud & Cloud Migration

A key factor driving users to the cloud is the need for the fluid availability of capacity based upon fluctuating user demand.

If you think about the advantages of taking your teenagers to a buffet to eat, they are easy enough to see: the food is continually replenished, there is more than enough for sons who eat enough for 2 or 3, and a variety of “lite” choices for a daughter’s (comparatively) dainty appetite. Each puts a significantly different demand on the buffet, but each is also easily accommodated by it. And, there’s always more!

Translate that into processing capacity, fluctuating web server demands, and connectivity requirements that span the globe. Enter the Cloud. Chameleon’s philosophy is to approach each problem with the notion that Cloud solutions can be approached with elasticity in mind. Based on the scope of work, solutions can be built that create a “perpetual buffet” of cloud capacity to flex with you in the event of high demand, yet adjust back when demand is reduced – with a corresponding reduction in user costs.

Let us help you think about the best way to approach your cloud based project. From design to implementation, our partnerships allow us to handle the largest project scope and execute against it with precision and success.

Infrastructure Management

  • On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
  • Legacy Systems Retirement
  • System Migration
  • Data Centers
  • Software-Defined Networks
  • Applications and Mobile
  • Storage Solutions and COOP Solutions
  • Secure DevOps
  • Database Architecture

Tier 0 thru 3 IT Support

  • 24x7x365, capable of handling over 100,000 end users worldwide
  • Infrastructure and incident management

Data Center Success Measurement: 100% success rate in maintaining 11 physical servers, 25 Data Center servers, 26 routers/switches/firewalls, 12 gigabit-capable passive optical network terminals, 8 VoIP management suites, over 1200 VoIP/Enterprise classified VoIP phones, and 42 multifunction devices with a 50% increase in storage space via deduplication across 12 sites.

Network Engineering

The backbone of any IT system, our network engineers are ready, willing and able to assess your current circumstance, provide guidance and recommendations, and then rollout and monitor your prescribed protocols. The art of cybersecurity begins at the front door, and your networks are that front door.

  • Wireless & Virtual LAN
  • Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (eVoIP)
  • VPN, VDI and SDN
  • Network Monitoring
  • Configuration and Patch Management
  • Information Security Continuous Monitoring

Network Operations Success Measurement: A 70% increase in network efficiencies, a 75% increase in proactive outage detection, and a 100% reduction in false positives on both NIPRNET and SIPRNET.