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IT Modernization White Paper


Service and Help Desk Automation Streamlines Performance, Reallocates IT Resources


An organization contemplating automated technologies may initially be deterred. However, when properly applied, the efficiencies of automated technology provide opportunity.
Chameleon White Paper: Service and Help Desk Automation

Executive Summary

Automation technologies are rapidly changing the way service management is applied to the help/service desk environment. Application of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can significantly streamline operations while simultaneously protecting data from cyber breaches.
An organization contemplating automated technologies may initially be deterred by limited resources, policy changes or costs of maintaining existing IT operations. However, when properly applied, the efficiencies of automated technology provide the opportunity for organizations to reallocate much of their existing service management IT resources to other priority areas without increasing total IT spending.

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Practice Areas

Chameleon IS Advisory Practice Area


Implement process improvement, optimize people, resources, and budgets, and manage programs on a long-term basis.

Chameleon IS Cloud Services Practice Area

Cloud Services

Approach each requirement with the concept that Cloud solutions can be designed, deployed, and managed with elasticity in mind.

Chameleon IS Cybersecurity Practice Area


Ensure safety and security on networks, in storage solutions, in application development and with personnel.

Service Desk

Service Desk

Handle helpdesk and other IT support services allowing customers to focus on their core mission.

CIS Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Optimize core system implementations for insurance carriers focusing on the most complex and manual areas.

Chameleon IT Modernization Practice Area

IT Modernization

Modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure with solutions to succeed now, and optimize with a roadmap for the future.

Chameleon IS Managed Services Practice Area

Managed Services

Recruit and deploy highly qualified candidates who have the right skills for the job – including secret and top-secret clearances.

Chameleon IS Network Engineering Practice Area

Network Engineering

Install, manage, and support safe and effective networks at scale to build strong systems and defenses with critical infrastructure.