Chameleon delivers solutions to public and private sector clients at the C-Suite, OCIO and CIO level by providing advisory services and design thinking. Then we work throughout the entire organization to deploy and manage services for IT modernization, network engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud.

Public Sector

The Chameleon suite of services is directly aligned with the Government’s objectives of IT Modernization, Data Accountability and Transparency, Federal IT Spending Transparency, and Creating the Workplace of the Future.

Our teams are poised and ready to take on the complex projects and environment that are the hallmark of transitioning from an infrastructure based system to a cloud based system. Our experience in working with US Government Agencies has given us an insider’s viewpoint, allowing us to be proactive in making recommendations and observations that are relevant and forward thinking.

Private Sector

Today’s Government and Commercial CIO has a wide range of responsibilities, challenges, and objectives. The range extends from leading as a strategic thinker in a constantly changing technology landscape, to understanding the needs of today’s knowledge workers and responding to the persistent threat of cybercrime.

Chameleon is the partner you want on your side. Our comprehensive understanding of tech infrastructure is based on years of experience working with complex government systems, including projects for the Department of Defense and other agencies.

Practice Areas

Chameleon IS Advisory Practice Area

Implement process improvement, optimize people, resources, and budgets, and manage programs on a long-term basis.

Chameleon IS Cloud Services Practice Area

Approach each requirement with the concept that Cloud solutions can be designed, deployed, and managed with elasticity in mind.

Chameleon IS Cybersecurity Practice Area

Ensure safety and security on networks, in storage solutions, in application development and with personnel.

Chameleon IT Modernization Practice Area

Modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure with solutions to succeed now, and optimize with a roadmap for the future.

Chameleon IS Managed Services Practice Area

Recruit and deploy highly qualified candidates who have the right skills for the job – including secret and top-secret clearances.

Chameleon IS Network Engineering Practice Area

Install, manage, and support safe and effective networks at scale to build strong systems and defenses with critical infrastructure.