Message from the President

Lack of Long-Term Funding for the U.S. Federal Government

The lack of long-term funding for the United States Federal Government increases the overall risk to the mission of each federal agency. Short-term funding in the form of Continuing Resolutions (CR) have become the norm.

Short-term funding limits the ability of Federal Chief Information Officers to plan the IT projects, resources, and activities required to achieve their desired outcomes—reduce cost, automate existing processes, unify disparate technologies through standardization, and optimize existing government investments.

Chameleon Integrated Services has a quantifiable track record of helping the government achieve these outcomes as a small business prime contractor. Today, Federal CIOs are limited to discuss projects, resources, and activities that are only tactical and do not move the government closer to their desired outcomes. As a matter of fact, more discussions revolve around contingency planning—i.e., what will we do if the government is not funded and at what level, if any, will the mission be supported.

Chameleon sees the absence of long-term funding for the government as the number one impediment to the government achieving its desired outcomes. This Friday, current funding for the government will expire. We are hopeful that the current administration in its first full budget year will fully fund the government. With full funding, Chameleon as part of the government contractor community can drive IT solutions to help the government achieve their desired outcomes.

Drew Acree
President at Chameleon Integrated Services


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