CIS Insurance Services has created a cloud-hosted solution that allows customers to quickly and cost-effectively create and execute performance tests with multiple users and multiple business scenarios.


Benefits of the CIS Performance Testing Platform

  • Peace of mind that your implementation can handle the expected workload
  • Cost effective with lower infrastructure and script maintenance costs
  • Browser helper that simplifies web element selector creation that is tuned to the Duck Creek Technologies Express platform
  • TAC and Excel script formats that optimize test scenario scripting efficiency and eliminate the need to hire highly skilled developers to maintain the test scripts
  • Securely hosted in the Azure cloud with VPN capabilities to access system under test and to monitor script execution
  • Cloud resources provisioned only for the duration of the test run for cost efficiency
  • Based on the proven Selenium engine


CIS Performance Testing Platform

There are multiple benefits to the CIS Performance Testing Platform.  First, the platform enables customers to start performance testing their Duck Creek Technologies implementation within days because the setup is minimal, and CIS experts provide guidance at every step.  Second, the platform is optimized to be easy to use and maintain in all aspects: from test scenario scripting, to test execution, to evaluation of test results. Finally, the platform takes advantage of the cloud capabilities to scale up and down depending on the usage, allowing customers to control usage-based costs.

With the CIS Performance Testing Platform, creating and maintaining test scenarios does not require developer skills, thereby reducing the associated operating costs.  Customers’ existing investments into Duck Creek Technologies’ Test Automation Center (TAC) can be leveraged, or an Excel file representing test scenario steps can be used.  CIS has developed an intuitive process that builds the selector for the web element or control by simply clicking on the element or control in the web browser.  This process is specifically tuned for the web pages generated by the Duck Creek Technologies platform. This selector can then be used in Excel or TAC scripts to identify the web element or control.

In a user-friendly interface, TAC or Excel scripts are uploaded into the CIS Performance Testing Platform using a web browser and then scheduled for a test run by providing the number of concurrent users for each script.  The intuitive web interface also safeguards the user from accidentally modifying any test execution settings.  The platform supports robust automation script functionality including loops, variables, data tables, and JavaScript.  In addition, variables can be used to vary the script’s actions and data for each execution iteration.

Taking advantage of cloud scalability, the infrastructure that is required for each test run is provisioned in the Azure cloud for the duration of the test run and then removed for cost efficiency.  The customer does not have to invest any resources to maintain the infrastructure, as it is performed by CIS.  The data and test scripts are maintained independently for each customer, ensuring maximum security.

The results of the tests are available for download in summary and detailed formats.  An Excel template is provided to compare results against service levels and between multiple tests.

CIS Expertise

CIS knows that no single performance testing approach fits every implementation.  CIS experts have the experience to guide customers in the performance testing process, making adjustments when needed.

As part of the onboarding

  • We will provide a template for the performance testing strategy that will help adjust to the requirements of the specific implementation.
  • We will ensure secure connectivity to the environment under test.
  • We will help provision the environment under test with necessary number of test users and test data.
  • We will create and execute initial test script with up to 40 steps to demonstrate best practices of the test automation scripts.
  • We will provide training sessions on the usage of the CIS Performance Testing Platform and test script creation. We will explain advanced techniques like:
    • warm-up before full number of concurrent script executions
    • unique data element lookup based on each script’s iteration
    • script variables
    • execution of JavaScript


Screenshots from the CIS Performance Testing Platform

Click here to see screenshots from our Performance Testing Platform.


About Us

CIS Insurance Services specializes in design, configuration, performance testing and stabilization of new and existing Duck Creek Technologies implementations by leveraging leading industry know-how, establishing partnerships, and providing training.

For more information about the CIS Performance Testing Platform or to request help with performance or stabilization issues with your Duck Creek Technologies implementation, contact us.