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We Can’t Change the Threat. We Can Only Change Our Response to the Threat.

Issue 2: From Star Trek to Cognitive Computing: Machines That Understand Security
Summary: In our second white paper prepared for the AFCEA TechNet Conference in Augusta, Georgia (August 2018) we explore how the application of AI to cybersecurity represents the next frontier. We delve into the the need for a “super analyst” and the role that artificial intelligence (AI) can play in cyber defense, bulding a “defense in depth.” AI, with its understanding of language, has quite recently opened up the world of computer technical analysis.Traditional information processing only sees 20 percent of the data that is available, and is blind to the 80 percent of unstructured data that contains human-processed intelligence. Cognitive computing is the key to unlocking that information and using it as an in-depth part of cybersecurity defense. Chameleon works with customers to help them “lock down” their infrastructure and comply with industry-standard Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs), and we partner with IBM to help our customers take advantage of advancements in cybersecurity, including the use of AI.