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We Can’t Change the Threat. We Can Only Change Our Response to the Threat.

Issue 1: Maskelyne and Morse Code: New Century, Same Threat
Summary: In a white paper we prepared for the May, 2018 AFCEA Conference, we outline how the threats and challenges faced by today’s cyber warriors are all too similar to those faced by early technologists over 100 years ago. While the bad guys may be unrelenting in their attacks, there are strategies that CIO’s can employ to shore up their defenses and avoid breaches that claim national headlines.One of the most important steps is understanding that we cannot control the threat; we can only control our response to the threat. The President’s 2018 Management Agenda has outlined directives that allow greater collaboration between government agencies and private firms with the goal of securing the Federal Mission. This opportunity gives agencies and organizations the chance to create a collaborative environment to create successful outcomes for both agencies and end users.