Chameleon cloud services: adaptable, elastic frameworks driving innovation and connectivity.

Cloud Services

Adaptable, Elastic Frameworks Driving Innovation and Connectivity

Issue 1: Cloud Migration: The Sky is Opening for Business
Summary: The continuing evolution of ever more cloud-based computing power, along with higher data speeds and the availability of secure cloud infrastructures, is making the cloud transition increasingly more attractive. Until recently, our advice was that migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud is a viable, but not necessarily the best, solution for every organization and every situation. However, with increasing cloud migration options making data center consolidation more attractive, as well as it being the policy of the federal government, we now advise that it is no longer a question of if, but when and what, to move to the cloud. Our latest paper also explores the impact of 5G communication technologies on computing overall, and how it will spur an even greater movement to the cloud bringing a “compute anywhere” model to Government organizations leveraging the cloud. The cloud is the place for organizations to effectively prepare for their future, protect their information and prosper in achieving their mission.