Design, configure, performance test and stabilize new and existing Duck Creek Technologies implementations by leveraging leading industry know-how, establishing partnerships, and providing training.

Implementing and supporting and insurance system such as Duck Creek Technologies Policy, Billing, Claims, Reinsurance, Distribution Management, or Insights is a significant effort that often transforms how an insurance carrier operates.

Implementing Duck Creek Technologies creates the potential to make an incredible impact for your organization. However, ensuring a seamless and successful implementation takes experience and skills. CIS Insurance Services offers best-in-class, personalized support for simple, complex, small, and large-scale implementations of Duck Creek Technologies components, such as Policy, Billing, Claims, Reinsurance, Distribution Management, Insights, or the whole Suite of Duck Creek products. The CIS Insurance Services team works with you to manage and mitigate the significant risk associated with the most challenging areas of Duck Creek implementations, planning and paving the way to YOUR successful implementation.


Based on your implementation, we will design a precise and personalized approach to performance testing, develop a test strategy and create necessary artifacts to quickly hit the ground running.

Our performance testing expertise includes:

  • Browser-based UI testing using our proprietary test execution infrastructure
  • Leveraging Test Automation Center (TAC) scripts and assistance with development of additional scripts to target the proper business transactions for testing
  • API-based testing to focus on specific functional areas
  • Research and root cause analysis performance issues based on our expertise in troubleshooting numerous SaaS and On-premises implementations

We have built CIS Performance Testing Platform as the only solution on the market that specifically targets Duck Creek Technologies implementations.

We also created CIS Trace Tools to help analyze performance and other complex issues.

Architecture and Design

Lack of experienced architecture and design guidance can lead to a high risk for an implementation. We work to remove that risk and shorten time-to-completion AND reduce future maintenance efforts for your system configuration by:

  • Preparing project blueprints to provide high-level guidance for system configuration
  • Providing ManuScript inheritance design to ensure efficient configuration re-use, both initially and post go-live
  • Designing logical functional areas to provide guidance for thoughtful configuration of each component
  • Ensuring that solution complexity and effort for each component matches your business needs
  • Preparing integration patterns and individual, personalized integration designs

We also create and update architecture and design documentation for existing implementations to enable efficient maintenance, enhancements, or migration from on-premises to the Duck Creek On-Demand service.


The CIS team’s industry-leading stabilization experience focuses on resolving issues that threaten implementations after they have gone live. We address and solve these stability issues by:

  • Aligning to best practices for configuration
  • Simplifying overly complex configuration
  • Managing interactions between components that were not anticipated by platform developers
  • Mitigating integration impact on platform functionality
  • Optimizing infrastructure

Our team are experts in identifying and managing issues that cause system and user problems, as well as effectively prioritizing and efficiently solving issues by adding logging and using custom trace analysis tools.

Partnerships and Training

As CIS Insurance Services takes on the most challenging tasks, we always strive first and foremost to create true partnerships with our clients. This means that we gladly work with carrier resources and with your current service implementer.

We work side-by-side with your existing project staff to execute training, whether it is on-the-job training, or a formal custom training program developed based on your personalized implementation needs.

We also provide customized training for on-shore configurators of different skill levels. These could be individuals already employed by an insurance carrier, or we can provide a candidate and train them with your personalized training program under a right to hire agreement.