A Chameleon. A species that has not just persevered, but thrived, for millions of years. Agile, with a unique ability to anticipate required shifts in environments, hence able to impact their surroundings with unparalleled speed.

When our founders named the company Chameleon Integrated Services, it was a highly considered decision.  Chameleons have endured for millions of years because at times, they are vibrant forces of distinguished presence and we recognize that our company does not achieve the kind of strategic, operational, and tactical dexterity that we do by accepting a propensity for muddling through a sea of sameness. 

Your networks, resources, and the people you entrust must have the innate ability to see your organization’s big picture goals while always being mindful of any threats that may stand in the way of effective, efficient, and secure operations.  For all our clients, the success of their IT and cybersecurity programs is synonymous with their ability to achieve their business’ objectives or their agency’s missions.

That’s why our innovative team of wide-ranging expertise works hand in hand with our clients to deliver on our mission: to be the most agile Information Technology firm to help our clients prepare, protect and prosper.