At Chameleon Integrated Services, our mission is to be the most agile information technology firm, helping our clients prepare, protect and prosper.

All successful IT initiatives start with rigorous discovery. We apply our decades of experience with federal programs and processes to thoroughly assess your situation and mission goals, to apply industry best practices to your IT strategy—improving performance today while allowing flexibility for the future.

We continually track emerging trends and benchmarking strategies to establish best practices that allow us to deliver results and add value quickly. Our agile, on-demand capabilities enable quick engagement, deep discovery to identify risk, and establish a baseline toward success. Leveraging our integration services and strategic partnerships, we can develop a technology roadmap to address gaps in technology, skillsets and processes.

Whether you’re modernizing your IT infrastructure, migrating to the Cloud or developing new applications, each initiative brings about the potential for new opportunities to improve performance and introduces the risk of being exposed to new vulnerabilities. The team at Chameleon proactively assesses potential gaps by applying industry best practices and bringing a breadth of proven innovative solutions and strategic partnerships to optimize performance, while limiting vulnerabilities.

We apply our proven methodologies, solutions and partnerships to optimize and modernize your IT landscape, transform teams and address vulnerabilities and process gaps to ensure secure and continuous operations. We align our efforts with key performance indicators focused on lowering costs, increasing collaborative abilities while exceeding Service Level Agreements.

We will always be evaluated on our effectiveness in helping you achieve your mission objectives.  Our collaboration with you remains steadfastly focused on your agencies’ mission, serving as our “North Star”.  All the while, we are intuitively focused for the long-term, to deliver maximum performance at the most efficient costs.  Proactively, applying thought leadership and vision to address the rapidly changing environment.

We leverage the foundational capabilities and flexible IT framework established by Chameleon’s differentiated approach of prepare and protect for future proofing and transformation. Trends and advanced business intelligence, plus our close alignment with innovative partnerships and academia, give us a windshield view into future opportunities, threats and new capabilities, allowing us to prescribe best courses of action for future prosperity and operational excellence.