Central to our approach is our unwavering focus on our customer’s mission. Every solution we provide, strategic and technological, all centers around the most effective and efficient ways of helping our customers achieve their mission. At Chameleon, we call it Mission First. We know that when we are successful in helping our customers reach their objectives, everything else takes care of itself. Our systems, procedures, partnerships, program management and governance models, all have a beginning, middle and end revolving around the customer mission. 
Effective governance drives enterprise transformation. Our centralized design and decentralized execution of governance has enabled us to implement structured program management processes while unleashing talent and expertise to stimulate creativity and innovation for our customers.

In our aim to deliver maximum impact within our engagements, our experts are not just offering solutions for one department within an organization, but enterprise-wide solutions.

 We break-down silos by bringing key stakeholders across the organization to the table and offer technical and strategic solutions that graduates the customer to the next level. Chameleon’s network of strategic partners allows us to leverage global innovation leaders’ capabilities to optimize business operating models and create a logical and executable enterprise architecture.