What People Think of Us

Our customers interactions and participant experiences with Chameleon

“Chameleon has been a trusted partner for many years in support of the work Unisys does at USDA-RD. Chameleon brings an in-depth knowledge of Oracle/DB2/ Hyperion database expertise and reporting capabilities. Their staff works closely with the client to deliver quality work.”

“The team was given an extremely tight and accelerated timeline to accomplish this migration to Windows 10 and your above and beyond efforts have directly enabled the Army Spectrum Management Office (ASMO) to continue to perform a key mission that depends on continued Spectrum XXI application access.”

“Thank you for your assistance in getting the Army Spectrum Management Office moving forward getting a Win10 compatible version of Spectrum XXI available for their use. Special thanks to Mr. Fu Shen who was instrumental in uploading SXXI to the catalog.”

SXXI is critical to ASMO daily work and we appreciate all your efforts.

“The Chameleon team has been a tremendous help. Because of their efforts, we have become better at teaming, partnering, and process and we have blurred the lines between government and contractor which makes operations more efficient.”

Chameleon technicians were able to make up for several delays encountered that preceded their involvement early on immediately after their arrival in Hawaii. They executed a fairly extensive user acceptance testing effort and worked well with our local IT staff. They’re welcome back any time.